Rates & Offers

Lesson prices

1 Hour Lesson £23.50
1.5 Hour Lesson £35.25
2 Hour Lesson £47.00
Motorway lessons, £30 per hour
Refresher lessons, £23.50 per hour

Block Bookings

30, 1 Hour Lessons £585.00 = £19.50 per Lesson, Saving £120.00
20, 1 Hour Lessons £410.00 = £20.50 per Lesson, Saving £60.00
10, 1 Hour Lessons £215.00 = £21.50 per Lesson, Saving £20.00
5, 1 Hour Lessons £110.00= £22.00 per Lesson, Saving £7.50
Pass plus £165, over 6 hours in total which may be spread out over a period of time.
***All Block Bookings and pass plus are payable in advance.***


1: If you refer a friend to us once they have completed 5 lessons we will reward you with 1 free lesson, but a maximum of 5 free lessons will only be allowed.

2: For £1050.00 we will offer you unlimited lessons until you pass your test, on top of unlimited lesson we will also pay for your first practical test and your first theory/hazard perception test*. Then once you have passed your test we will offer you the chance to take two motorway hours, included in the price of £1050.00
*we will only pay for one of each test.

3: We also offer fast pass courses or intense courses as they are more commonly known as over a 2/3 and 4 week period, please ring up for instructor availability and more details.

4: Gift vouchers are available in all kind of different amounts, please ring for details or leave message using our contact form.